1. His Grace late Armand Trindade from Campus Vaddo, Bishop of Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Mario Vaz (from modlo vaddo) Salesian, Principal, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla, Mumbai.
  3. Maximiano D’Souza (from Dongri Vaddo) Parish priest of Our Lady of Dolours, Sonapur, Mumbai.
  4. Joaquim Coelho (from Modlo Vaddo), Principal of school in Bikaner
  5. Noel Britto (from Campus vaddo), served for long years in U.S.A., in the parish of St. Peter’s at Bandra, Mumbai.
  6. Sumeeth Meneges, S.J. (from Maloyem) worked at Jesuit Mission Bihar.
  7. Tuscano, S.J. (from campus Vaddo), In the parish at Panchgini.
  8. Andrew Siqueira (from Par Vaddo) , Parish of St. Anthony, Malad, Mumbai.
  9. Vijay Anand (from Modlo Vaddo) served at parish Allahabad, a master of Hindustani Music.
  10. Paul Vaz, S.J. (from Modlo vaddo) served at St. Xavier Institute of Management, Mumbai.
  11. Clement Mendonor, S.F.S., served in the parish of Bastora.
  12. Savio D’Souza F.R.C.S. (Edin) is a grandson of Assonora (from Carona, Aldona)


  1. Disederio Rodrigues, MBBS (Goa), MS (London), (from Auchit Vaddo)
  2. Emerico de Souza, MBBS (Goa) (from Campus Vaddo) Medical Officer, Govt. Health Services.
  3. Ruth Fernandes, MBBS D.P.M., (Goa) (from Campus Vaddo) Psychiatrist at Institute Of Psychiatry & Human Behaviour, Goa.
  4. Willie Britto, Dentist (from Auchit Vaddo), London.


  1. Robert Mendonca & his Brothers (from Auchit Vaddo), Owners of Lawrence & Mayo (opticians to the Nation), Having branches not only in the cities of India but also in a number of other countries.


  1. The Late Rafael D’Souza (from Auchit Vaddo), worked for the non-violent movement, spent years in prison, after Liberation worked for Salagaonkar Mining co.
  2. Joaquim Pinto (from Auchit vaddo) worked for non-violent movement, spent years in jail after liberation worked for Voltas concern in Bombay.
  3. James Fernandes (from Campus Vaddo ) worked for the non- violent movement, spent years in jail after liberation taught for 27 years in St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa.


  1. (Dr.) Adelaide Vaz, Ph.D. (from modlo Vaddo) Principal of St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai.


Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Mendonca (from Auchit Vaddo)  served in the Medical Corps of Indian Army from 1967-1998 and retired with the rank of Lt. Col. As principal Matron in the Military Hospital at Kamptec (Nagpur).