Fr. Vincent Leonardo Leitao (Parish Priest, 2018-present)

Born on 6th November, 1963, Fr. Vincent Leonardo Leitao is the eldest in the family of five. He hails from a place called ‘Padrincho Kollo’ in Chinchinim.

Mystery:  As Jesus called the apostles as fishers of man, so too Jesus called me to fish men, chose me before the foundation of the world (eph 1:4) not because I was good but He is the mystery of His love and mercy.

Calling:  Two priests in my childhood influenced me to here the call of God, Fr. Olavo Velho, as he went carolling with the youth during Christmas season and Fr. Amandio Valladares who played football with us which impressed me and made me what I am today, the Priest of Jesus.

College: In Chowgules’s College, Margao, I lost one year of my Higher Secondary education due to the sickness of typhoid fever due to which I got a little low percentage which paved the way for my calling. I heard a voice from Mother Mary to check my hall ticket number. I was in the second class column that led me to the roads of Saligao Seminary.

Priesthood:  I was ordained a priest in my home village, Chinchinim. On 9th May, 1991. Since then in 28 years of my priesthood. I tasted the love, mercy, forgiveness, healing and deliverance especially through the sacraments which are doors of Jesus life in the Church, for the people.

Postings:  Posted in St. Clara,s Church Assonora as the Parish Priest the second year in running, and 7 years in Bhatpal and Chiplem, Canacona, the rest of the years I served the diocese as the assistant and as a chaplain.